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Victorian Rings

The Victorian period followed the Georgian period and covers the reign of Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria was a big influence on jewellery trends throughout her reign, unlike any monarch before her. 

She mainly preferred to wear diamond pieces and as such, these are the most popular stone used in this period.

The period itself can be split up into three smaller periods. The Romantic, Grand and Aesthetic periods, each of which has its own distinct style.

It’s also important to note two very big changes in jewellery manufacture during this period.

This first was the development of lower carat gold alloys, which made jewellery much more affordable and opened it up to the public. 

This means that there are more rings of 15, 12 and 9 carats from the Victorian period.

The other notable change was the opening of South African diamond mines which saw an influx of bigger diamonds coming to the UK.

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