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Tanzanite Rings

As the name implies, tanzanite is found in one place: Tanzania. This stone is particularly known for its vibrant violet and blue colours. 

This unique hue gives a shimmering effect which changes in the light and is highly prized as an engagement ring. 

Made from the tanzanite stone found in the mines of Mount Kilimanjaro, tanzanite jewellery is truly unique, and its colour cannot be replicated. 

In fact, the stone is heralded as legendary in Africa, with the Maasai tribe claiming that it brings good fortune its wearer.

Tanzanite is a fairly new gemstone, only being discovered in 1967, and this limited availability makes it all the more rare and valuable.

The stone is also becoming more and more popular for use in engagement rings as a stylish alternative to the more traditional stones, so check out our range now!

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