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Edwardian Rings

Queen Victoria’s son Edward V ascended to the throne in 1901, but it was his wife, Alexandra Princess of Wales who really influenced jewellery trends during the period.  

In particular, she influenced the popularity of lace, silk and diamonds. Millegrain settings also became popular for diamonds during this time, which uses many tiny beads to set the diamonds on.

As the Edwardian period only lasted 13 years, it can be very hard to source jewellery from this time, which makes it very rare and valuable.

The entire Edwardian period was characterised by over the top elegance and a carefree attitude, and this certainly can be seen in the jewellery of the era.

Within the Edwardian era, we also saw the Art Nouveau period which while generally considered its own style, certainly does have crossovers with Edwardian pieces.

The era also saw the rise of more coloured gemstones as opposed the predominantly white diamonds of earlier periods. 

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