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Art Deco Rings

The Art Deco period refers to 1920-1935. The period was largely influenced by the end of World War I as ‘new money’ ruled and a class of people who had come out of the war much wealthier emerged. This meant an influx of more luxurious jewellery as well as a break from the styles that had come before.

Jewellery from this period largely represented the optimism of the time, following the end of the war, as well as the new technologies and artistic movements that were blossoming.

When compared with jewellery from the likes of the Edwardian period, Art Deco pieces represent a bold move forward, and popular styles included geometry and symmetry, ribbons, swirls and flowers.

Other cultures also had a bearing on jewellery of the time, as transport improved, especially after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

While yellow gold had been popular in rings up until this point, the Art Deco period saw the likes of platinum, silver and white gold rise in popularity for rings, as well as more brightly coloured gemstones.

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